"The End of the Garden"

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"The End of the Garden"

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:14 am

Yu-Gi-Oh! Finis Paradisum (End of the Garden)

It’s been five centuries since the “Hex Genocide” catastrophe, in which a divine entity appeared in the middle of World War III, decimating life as if grander than a living nuke. Since then, Earth’s decline has rapidly accelerated, and humanity learned that the Gods were finally fed up with them. Supplies grow scarce, sanity fades, wildlife dies-- you are born into a dead world. There is nothing around you aside from decay and tragedy, your eyes witnessing Earth at its end with no hope of resurrection. This is the end of the line - all that awaits is slow, painful death. Or at least, not all want to believe in such a horrible finale.

“Nirvana” and “Gehenna”, two locations that are spoken of by the elders wasting away in time. Their minds called into question - they speak of a Heaven beyond this barren land. God didn’t entirely give up on them, they believed. But, they would have to get their themselves. How? How do that with no clue or hint? No evidence that it even exists beyond an angel that slaughtered man and put your world on a ticking time bomb of death five hundred years ago? No, all that awaits is “Gehenna”, a rather vague concept of “Hell” that came up with “Nirvana” representing a fiery hall punishment.

There lies answers within two things. One, the rumored “Lost Hex” organization, remnants and believers of the “Prime Hex” destroyed in the “Hex Genocide”. A man named “Helios” carries a pack of men with hopes and dreams, seeing a light in the darkened skies. The second, a very old “game” used by man for sport, competition, or bloodshed. “Duel Monsters”, a silly thing that seems foreign to many with good reason, yet is one of the few ways to hold one’s own sanity together as a pass-time.

Doomsday already arrived, and there is seemingly little to do about it unless you’re an optimist searching for the Lost Hex. Or…

Soon, one of two women will appear before you, and offer you salvation and enlightenment behind your own cards. The childish game will be the key to a future beyond the shadow-casting clouds, as will you taking an extended hand.
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