Your Lord and Savior

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Your Lord and Savior

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:44 am

"The world has turned...
And so many have burned...
But nobody is to blame.

Yet staring across this barren wasted land...
I feel new life will be born,
Beneath the blood stained sand."

Planet Healer
No. 39 - Aspiring Emperor Hope
Bhava-agra As Seen Through a Child's Mind

Name: "Messiah"
Age: ???
Gender: qt grill
Alignment: Law - "The Messiah"

Numbers: 39, 44, 80, 102
Ace Monster: Numbers 39: Aspiring Emperor Hope
Deck Description: "Constellation of Salvation" - A bright legion of starry warriors armed with the power of space, donned in glittering armor that lights up the world about them, dazzling about as a very speedy Rank Four Xyz focus. They are the successors to the Constellation God's previous clique: "Constellar", promptly dubbed "Tellarknight". A deck that champions rampant summoning of light sentries, merging into Xyz Monsters, and mangling apart the opponent's field while still heavily swarming per the turn. Constantly do they center on their greatest swordsman: Aspiring Emperor Hope, a reflection of the army's commander. While it seems to simply be an entity of protective ability, it has more potential to evolve than anyone thought possible, the deck creating these via "Rank-Up-Magic" or other means. Wide focus on amplifying the hero, and these shining hopes even have an evil destroying reminiscence of a "Constellar" as a new gambit.

Character Skill: "Savior of the Waking World" - "Chaos Numbers" are named "Shining Numbers", and all effects relating to "Chaos Numbers" are changed to "Shining Numbers". Seems to be more, a part involving Utopia becoming unfaltering.

Personality: A kind, caring, loving, if not self-righteous woman who carries herself with purpose, sharing love for all humans. Greatly respects the voices and opinions of those who still wish for divines to help them - of those who simply want to live again in a healthy, dutiful lifestyle. ... Almost rather rigid, when one contemplates it. This is due to her undying reverence to the highest power, being a sort of angel. Though she doesn't brag about it, she does state her prowess to terrify the unholy with the thought of being purged, and usually extends a hand in the name of forgiveness... Usually. Rare instances bring divine judgment, a furious being of vengeance that smites wickedness like an iron hammer in a quiet rage. Never will Messiah believe she is not justified in these moments, for she does not act without permission from Heaven's authority.

That isn't to say she won't try to forgive someone even in that state, unless it's "Cinder", whom she seems to know. Apparently dislikes the "Lost Hex" group, calling them "Godless Scoundrels" or something of the like, yet has assisted them on occasion, becoming an ally to Helios, whom she feels is a "Godless Beacon". She is impressed with the concept of his leadership in these dark days, but urges him to ask God for help.

Attempting to guide all of humanity to "Nirvana" as their personal tour guide, stating that it is their last shot at salvation, and the best one for the future.

Biography: Connected to the "Hex Genocide" catastrophe. Is she the divine being who...?
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