Remnant Profiling

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Remnant Profiling

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:46 am

[Insert Picture of Appearance Here]

Name: (First and Last Name)
Age: (I'm actually allowing kids this time, I swear. Just don't be something stupid like 3 years old or a 5000 year old vampire lord.)
Gender: (no youre not a finsexual raccoon)
Preferred Alignment: (Law, Chaos, or Neutral. This will not affect the ending, rather, it will affect dialogue involving your morality throughout the story.)

Numbers: (If any.)
Ace Monster: (does not have to be your actual boss)
Deck Description: (Your Deck's Archetypes and how the deck functions needs to be listed here.)

Character Skill: (You do not have this at the beginning, and it needs to be approved by me before you try to use it.)

Personality: (I want at least three complete sentences telling me how your character behaves.)

Biography: (Five complete sentences/one full paragraph minimum.)
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