Darkness Intertwined with Light

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Darkness Intertwined with Light

Post by Edge Bird on Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:19 pm

With this life, I'm exhausted
They are frozen, people's eyes
Kind of close to endless mental slavery
Always look up to the sky
Is this what I'm living for?
How can I spin this world better?

The Key We've Lost
The Strays

Name: Chise (Chee-say) Caelenrai
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Preferred Alignment: Neutral

Numbers: Absolutely none
Ace Monster: Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon and Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling
Deck Description: "Night of Damnation and Salvation" - A deck that focuses on filling the field with the monsters known as "Blackwings" to perform Synchro summons.  It is a deck that balances destruction with preservation, and embraces both light and darkness.  At the center of this mighty deck is a dragon known as "Stardust."  A monster that creates a near impenetrable defense, and has incredible potential for evolution.  (If no one else takes Clear Wing and Crystal Wind, they will be added as well)

Character Skill: "Black Feathers on White Wings" Once per turn, you may banish a Blackwing Tuner monster from your graveyard. Then choose a Synchro monster you control, increase or decrease its level by the banished monster's. Then that Synchro Monster becomes a Synchro Tuner monster.

Personality: Chise is a fairly care-free man who sees everything for what it is, nothing more and nothing less.  Although he was once a man of God, he now chooses to embrace both Light and Darkness.  He feels that God has abandoned this world, and that by the simple act of being alive in it, he has lost any chance at redemption in His eyes.  Though he still prays to God on occasion, Chise is fully willing to oppose His word in the pursuit of a utopia of his own.

Biography: Chise was born to a single mother who had lost everything.  He never met his biological father, and his mother died a few years after his birth, leaving him only his name.  "Chise."  Little star of wisdom.  Soon, he was taken in by a wandering priest, the man that became his father figure for most of his life.  Though he was raised to believe that God was benevolent, a simple look at what surrounded him was enough to tell Chise otherwise.  He grew up a conflicted life, unsure of what to believe, and still is.
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