Peering Through Eternity

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Peering Through Eternity

Post by Dementuo on Fri Jun 24, 2016 6:36 pm

"Are we the playthings of fiends,
Or is this merely the dreams
That we've been telling ourselves, telling ourselves?

All of the ghosts of our own
Delusions come back,
And we'll be haunted again, haunted again..."

The Path We Both Walk - In Pursuit of the Truth
Digging Through The Past - History's Keeper
The Ruined Era - The Shadows of History
Uncovering Secrets - Not Lost, But Forgotten

Name: Terra Ashefell
Age: 23
Gender: hot gril
Preferred Alignment: Chaotic Good (?)

Ace Monster: Red Dragon Archfiend (And its various forms)
Deck Description: All Returns To Sender – “Yang Zing”, the celestial bodies that draw everything from the planet itself- Their power, even their physical forms are fragments of the earth’s last sparks of life brought together. Capable of performing powerful series of Synchro Summons, these Synchro Monsters are imbued with the same strength as the Yang Zings, giving them incredible powers beyond what they could normally achieve. The very heart and soul of her deck, the Red Dragon Archfiend, is the embodiment of the deepest core of the earth, a truly hellish creature, empowered by what little remains of the world’s life.

Character Skill: History Ablaze - Target any number of “Yang Zing” monsters in your graveyard (including at least 1 tuner), and discard a card: Synchro Summon one “Red Dragon Archfiend” monster from your Extra Deck or Graveyard using the selected monsters as Synchro Materials (The total levels of the synchro materials must equal the synchro monster’s level), and banish the Synchro Materials used for this Synchro Summon.

Personality: Terra would very closely resemble the mentality a true nihilist would have. She wholeheartedly believes that the world humanity lives in is destined to end, and that it will end soon. However, she doesn’t wish for humanity to end; Instead, she believes the world will be reborn upon ending, and that humanity will live on in a newborn world, one devoid of the destruction from the past. She is, however, a scholar at heart, and spends much of her time scouring the world for any forgotten history or lost documents in order to expand her knowledge of what happened 500 years ago.

Biography: Terra is the descendant of a family that lived 500 years ago, and her ancestors witnessed the Hex Genocide firsthand. Stories of the event, and how the gods had forsaken the earth and left it to wither away were passed all the way down to her, which has shaped her to become the investigative, curious type of girl that she is. She lived her childhood in exploration of the ruined world around her, always wanting to learn, to understand more about what happened that day five centuries ago, and fate may be in store for the planet itself. Her family raised her with a strong sense of spiritualism, believing that even the earth beneath her feet holds some sort of individuality to it, and that the gods above were meant to be forsaken by humanity, after the gods forsook them. Having grown up on these concepts, she takes them to heart strongly- Strong enough to manifest in physical form, as if the planet responds to her feelings. She can manipulate the elements around her, to a certain extent, and weave them around to her benefit. Her powers only extend a small way- moving rocks or stones, changing the flow of a stream of water, or creating a small flame or a shining light from her fingertips. Such may be considered by some as “Magic”, though she prefers to see it as a simple redirection of the planet’s forces.


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