Black & White (But also Purple)

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Black & White (But also Purple)

Post by Memeweaver on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:27 am

The man beneath all that edgelord gear:

"Welcome to the Zone, Stalker."

Name: Sergey Markov
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Preferred Alignment: Neutral

- Number 48: Shadow Lich
- Number 66: Master Key Beetle
- Number 98: Dystopia

Ace Monster: Starve Venom Fusion Dragon
Deck Description: Deck composed solely of the "Phantom Knights" and various Zombie-typed monsters with the sole purpose of swarming the field with similarly leveled monsters or tuner monsters for the purpose of both Synchro and Xyz Summoning behemoths like "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" or "Dark End Dragon", also has access to Fusion Summon through the use of "Fang of Critias" and Polymerization for powerful creatures such as "Dragonecro", "Starve Venom Fusion Dragon" or "Doom Virus Dragon"

Character Skill:
「Dead One's Weeping」
"All of your non-Xyz, non-Fusion, non-Synchro monsters are considered to be Zombie-type rather than their original type. Once per turn, you may discard 1 Spell Card from your hand and reveal 1 Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck, select 1 of your face-up Xyz Monsters and detach materials from it equal to the Fusion Materials needed for the Fusion Summon of the revealed Fusion Monsters and Special Summon them. If the Special Summoned monsters are appropriate Fusion Materials, Fusion Summon the revealed Fusion Monster using them as Fusion Material. Otherwise banish them face-down."

"Strong and unfaltering, Sergey's goal in life is to simply "survive". He accepts the world for what it is, concepts such as "evil" or "good" don't interest him or sway his decision, he focuses solely on survival and helping others with it as long as they show promise and commitment. He might come off as harsh at times, but he's rather compassionate to others and will always take care of his fellow Stalkers in The Zone. While he may not play the game himself, he's no stranger to the card game that took the world by storm as a form of relief from the despair surrounding everyone, he enjoys watching others play it in his spare time or as a way to relax and by doing so, learned how to play it himself. On his scavenging missions he'd always look for some leftover cards to give to the kids in some of the estabilished villages and what not, and even managed to put together a deck for himself that reflects the grim reality of today's world and he always keeps it close. He might never use it, but in his eyes its a sentiment more than anything."

"Some give in to despair and end their lives prematurely, others cling to their faith and hope everynight to wake up to a better tomorrow. For Sergey it's neither of those two. Even though just like everyone else he was born in this hellhole without knowing what life was like 500 years ago, unlike others he embraced this world as this is the only kind of world he ever saw. Both him and his family struggled through the worse and the better, whatever the meaning of that word meant at this point with only one goal in mind "to survive". From a very young age Sergey was taught everything about survival that his parents knew and it'd save his life and the lives of his family time and time again. And so they traveled, and traveled, meeting and gathering people to form one large group of survivors, aswell as friends who'd watch their back in time of need. The bond between the people grew stronger, way too strong to be simply called a "group" or a "gang" and instead they became one big family. But as time progressed people grew old, including Sergey's parents. They wanted Sergey to survive, be strong and not give in to despair like countless other people, and as every parent they also wanted to be by their son's side. But they weren't stupid and knew that as they grew older and weaker they were nothing but a burden to the entire family. Everyone knew that, but nobody wanted to say anything until they mentioned it themselves and asked to be abandoned for the sake of the group. It was the right thing to do and nobody disagreed, no matter how hard it was for them seeing as those two were the core of this newly estabilished family, and especially not for Sergey. But it had to be done, and it was. They were left behind to die while the others moved forward in the world. It happened again, and again with other parents. Afterall, everyone grows old at some point. Only Sergey and other sons and daughters were left, stronger than ever as to not disappoint their parents after they sacrificed themselves so that they could live on. They reforged the family, donning a name, "The Zone", to symbolize their survival skills and their will to live on, making any earth they walk on their "zone", giving themselves the nickname of a "stalker" as they stalked this earth while scavenging for supplies and recruiting others into The Zone. As they grew bigger and bigger, they started working on gear to help them in this wasteland. With whatever remains of the technology from 500 years ago they could scavenge they created makeshift guns, ammunition, and an outfit for each member: a gas mask to filter all the waste in the air and cover one's face from sandstorms and other dangers, aswell as being simple face armor. A long, pitch black trenchcoat to help them hide themselves under the veil of the night. And a full body suit with a black hood to match the trenchcoat underneath as a hazmat suit, protecting them from hazards of the world. The bodysuit had normal camo on it, as did the "inside" of the trenchcoat to help them even durning broad daylight. It wasn't the best, and gets torn easily but it's better than nothing, they were given to each and every single Stalker along with pouches, bags and other storages for supplies and ammunition aswell as a gun holster. They became strong scavengers, making their standards even harder to fullfil. Any aspiring new member was given a trial to survive a day with no supplies outside of what they could find for themselves, it was a brutal trial but those that couldn't survive a day with nothing on their own weren't going to go far in the world anyways. Only those that passed could enter this family and become a Stalker."

Stay Cheeki Breeki my friends:

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