Unspoken Law (Rules)

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Unspoken Law (Rules)

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:57 am

Just to get them properly listed out. Failure to comply will likely result in permanent death. More rules can be added, and I'll tell you when they are. Follow them, and everyone gets to have a good time.

General Rules:

  • Godmodding - A lot of definitions for this one. To make a long story short, however, it's when a character is simply too powerful, more or less controls other characters by making responses for them without the other's consent, having things they should not be able to, doing things they shouldn't be able too... Basically, playing God. You're not even close, so don't do it.

  • Power Playing - Let's talk about a scenario. Say a bunch of deities are having a conversation in Heaven about how to smack humans into shape. Now let's say your character knows this fact for absolutely no reason. That's a form of power playing. Knowing things you shouldn't and/or doing things you shouldn't. It's another form of Godmodding, but it needs to be emphasized that both are offenses of the same category, and neither are encouraged nor smiled upon.
  • Monsters can be Normal Summoned in face-up Defense Position.

  • The Mulligan rule is in effect, so if you don't like your initial draw, you can reshuffle your hand and draw 5 again. This can only be used once a duel.

  • Evolution - You are in charge of how much you evolve and you will come to me when you plan to evolve with no exception. This doesn't necessarily mean your evolving has to be scarce, but I'm not allowing stupidity like starting with every form of Odd-Eyes right off the bat, or every possible Chaos Number imaginable, especially goes for Stardust/Red Dragon Archfiend. Limit yourself with common sense, do not go over your limit every session, but do not feel the need to hold back ten sessions at a time.

  • Multiple Charaters - Not this time, only one character per person. (The Exceptions are me and NPCs. Potentially others that help me run the RP).

  • Plotting - You will not be allowed to do this unless I say so or tell you to. To emphasize the gothic setting, "the hero always wins" is a dead concept. Even if everyone agrees on you being the main protagonist, you can very easily fall prey to anything I demand you to. Do not come in here expecting hand holding or free wins, even against monsters of the day or the easiest games, nor evolution games.
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