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A Simple Soul

Post by Doggy on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:18 am

So here we have a bunny man complete with adorable little purple cottontail in the back which you can't see here. Now first I want you to imagine him without the hood and armor or the sword even we're gonna try to not have everyone running around with a sword this time. Now that you have a naked bunny in mind know that Niels looks like this bunny but has a more modern fashion sense about things. In that all he usually wears is a small zip-up hoodie that covers down to this waist, usually with the hood down so that his ears stand up. He's a little over five feet tall, with the ears up that is. He has a necklace on him as well with a simple silver chain and a small blue gem attached to the end. It's usually inside the hoodie but when he unzips it the gem becomes more obvious. He'll unzip the hoodie occasionally exposing his fur covered chest and necklace but he avoids taking it off all the way if he can help it (as if that somehow was indecent of him given his usual manner of dress) The hoodies he wears are pretty hip and trendy with various color choices and an over abundance of zippers and belts and other such random attachments to look cool. Think Kingdom Hearts but back off a bit because we're not that crazy. Colors on the hoodie usually include blue green or purple with black trims and effects and such.

Name: Niels Cunningham
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Preferred Alignment: Law

-Number 10: Illumiknight
-Number 10: Dark Illumiknight
-Number 86: Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad (Development)

Ace Monster: Comic Heros King Arthur
Deck Description: -Quest of Honor- Contains the Noble Knights/Arms as well as Heroics Xyz monsters. Focused on summoning the Noble Knights and equipping them with the Noble Arms. Aimed at Xyz Summoning, though it can Synchro summon occasionally, usually rank 4s and reusing the Noble Arms from the grave to make a powerful boss out of the Xyz summoned.

Character Skill:
-Mark of Knighthood-
All of your monsters in your extra deck are also treated as "Noble Knight" monsters regardless of location (extra/field/grave/banished). Once per turn during your Main Phase you can pay 500 LP to target one face-up "Noble Knight" monster you control. Search your deck for one "Noble Knight" monster with a different name and add it to your hand. The targeted monster loses ATK equal to the level of the added monster x100. If you have a "Noble Arms" card face-up on your field or in your graveyard you can special summon the monster added to your hand by this effect.

If you control a "Comics Hero King Arthur" once per turn on either player's turn when a "Noble Knight" monster you control is destroyed you can attach that monster to an Xyz monster with one or less Xyz material you control as Xyz material.

Niels is a bit of an oddity these days in that he's a decent human being (or was but more on that in the bio). He's always just been fairly selfless and concerned about other people. It's proved difficult many a time as the world's continued to deteriorate but he holds on to the belief that all people can be good if they choose to. That said he's not blind to the real behaviors of people and won't endlessly trust others.

Niels has always been something of an unintentional hero, jumping in to help people when a need presents itself. He doesn't tend to think much about what might happen to himself which can get him into a bit of trouble at times. And though of late he has a bit of shy streak due to his changed appearance he can't help but still try to do something. Though how shy he actually is is debatable what with the whole not wearing pants thing. Those who show kindness to himself or others will gain his trust while those driven by self ambition or personal gain earn his contempt.

He has always been at least somewhat religious and is not shy about his beliefs and opinions on matters. If someone is taking what he feels to be the wrong path he will tell them and try suggest alternatives. Needless to say he's grown accustomed to many not responding well to this. But to those friends he makes he is helpful in reminding them of what's important and he remains loyal and supportive to them. Since the incident described in the bio that gave him his cute and fluffy appearance he has taken a different view of his life. He sees his life as undeserved given what he was participating in and that since he was saved he must be obligated to somehow make life better for someone else. When angry it could usually be described as righteous anger over the misconduct of another, not that he's impossible to simply annoy or irritate. Overall he may have a somewhat naive outlook on life and the human condition but it won't stop him from pressing on. He's normally very self driven but can on occasion lose sight of how to proceed or what to do.

More recently he's become quite the cute little critter but takes offense to being called such as well as attempts at hugs or other displays of affection purely because of the cute and fluffy factor. Though he'll usually be somewhat hesitant to explain at first that he was human so things can get a little awkward.

Some things he loves: sappy romantic stories, baked goods of all varieties, comfy beds, relaxing while listening to musics, smell/feel of oncoming rain, his family
Some triggers include: evil magics, playing with the ears, people being jerks to ladies, black cats (no bad luckerino pls), tuna

Life has sort of sucked for a long time now on the planet Earth. And the life of Niels Cunningham was no different. In fact life may have sucked slightly more for Niels if only in that his family and town tried to be decent people in an otherwise ruined and decaying world full of all sorts of not so decent people. The town in general was a small close knit religious community that believed they were taking part in the end times and soon the Lord would save them and renew the earth as had long been foretold in various holy books. They dealt with not only mockery but persecution and violence from others. Niels had never particularly questioned the things taught to him but wasn't sure to what extent he really believed in heaven, hell, God, the devil or any of that. He like his father wanted to believe people could be good but the world around him constantly showed him otherwise.

The Cunningham family was fairly small though some might have viewed it as dangerously large. The two parents, a girl and two boys. A family of five given the resources that were at times scarce was either an act of faith or of folly. That said Mr. Cunningham was determined to raise a strong faithful family. Niels falls in as the first boy with an older sister and younger brother. He was very close to his family and town of necessity. People had to band together in what groups they could to make it given all the dangers now abounding in the world. Niels' older sister Esther was a good role model for him who attended to her church and family duties diligently. She always looked out for her little brothers and for their birthday's one year she made each of them necklaces from some scraps of jewels she had come across one day. Niels was presented with a dark blue gem about a silver chain that he cherished and always wore about his neck.

Niels best friend outside the family growing up was named Daniel and the two did just about everything together. This of course made it slightly awkward that Daniel was pretty obviously into Esther. But still the two had what fun boys could in a ruined world. They would attempt to have little adventures only to get yelled at by their parents for wandering out of the town. Things seemed alright despite the circumstances. But that was to change as eventually a virus swept through the town claiming the lives of several people including Esther. Many viewed it as a scourge from God for their negligent behavior and stricter obedience was enjoined upon the town. Niels questioned this and why God if he was real would take Esther of all people. One so diligent and faithful would surely be last on His list of people to punish. Daniel was crushed as he never really had a chance to confess any sort of feelings for her before having her taken away. He began to curse God and their town's beliefs though never openly only ever to Niels. Admittedly Niels began to question some of what he'd been taught as well. He saw less of his friend with each passing week. Each member of the town attempted to cope as best they could. The Cunningham's viewed Esther's death as not a punishment from God but as God taking Esther home to Him. Or at least most of them did. Niels could never quite accept it.

The next year was hard on Niels as he was mostly down in the dumps most days. But one day while moving about town he ran into Daniel. They'd seen each other around before but hadn't spoken much in some time. His friend seemed different. His face looked deeply tired and he spoke with an unusual enthusiasm about certain things. There were tales of wonder and magic to accompany this. Miracles even. Daniel invited his friend to see what he'd been up to of late. In the middle of some spooky building somewhere outside of town a group of equally spooky men gathered together with Daniel and Niels. They spoke of how the world had fallen into Hell already and all they could do was try to appease the Devil and gain his favor. Needless to say Niels being something of a good Christian boy was scared senseless at what was going on, so much so that he forgot to run away from what was happening. But Daniel promised him something more. That with the Devil's favor they could even return the dead. Return Esther.

The idea had its appeal that much was certain. Niels missed his sister terribly and to bring her back would heal the hearts of his parents but to do it like this? That said Niels foolishly continued meeting with the group for a time never completely buying into what they were saying. They would preach all sorts of things to him and it seemed convincing enough. More so seeing as while the meetings continued the group started practicing dark magics. They would summon small demons and other such things, believing they were earning the devil's favor. Niels would always watch in wonder thinking perhaps they were on to something. He wanted to believe they really could bring Esther back. Maybe even make everyone's lives a bit happier. That was ultimately what he wanted. No one seemed to really know joy and he wanted his family to have it.

Eventually the night came they would attempt to bring back the dead. With some additional prodding Daniel convinced Niels to finally participate in the ceremony this time. But as each member of the group took their ceremonial dagger and cut their own hands to offer blood to the ritual Niels began to panic. He would have turned to run as the atmosphere in the room grew dark and sinister. But before any in the room could move another inch, darkness filled the room. Pure horror flashed through Niels mind as pain wracked his body for what felt like an eternity. It felt like hell itself had come to pay them a visit. This was what they had been playing with. This was the devil's magic. Niels had known this from the beginning but he'd become careless thinking perhaps none of it was real. Maybe this magic was something else. But this pain and torture very much spoke the truth to Niels' soul. The divine beings whatever they were called were real. He cried out to God or anyone to save him and as he did so the pain subsided, the darkness lifted, things felt somewhat normal again. Niels was on the cold ground and passed out for a time.

Upon awaking something felt off. Looking around Niels saw nothing but skeletons in the places the others had been standing, including Daniel. In horror he realized what must have happened and feared the worst for himself only to find... purple fur? His hands looks definitely off, finding a mirror in the room he caught sight of what he had become. He looked like something of a rabbit, tail and everything. He seemed shorter too. It couldn't be real could it? But then there it was about his neck. The necklace Esther had given him. He touched it and poked himself to be sure he wasn't hallucinating. The image wasn't fading. This was him. Panic set in again, what on earth was he to do? Without thinking he ran home through the night. Knocking on his home's locked door he heard his father's voice calling out asking who it was. As he replied his father threw the door open asking something about where he'd been for the last week only to see what he thought to be a monster in front of him. But it had his son's voice whatever it was. More than that his son's necklace was about its neck as well. Hesitantly he let the creature into his home.

After a lengthy conversation Niels' father believed it was him and asked him to explain what had happened. The circumstances rightfully horrified him and he might have scolded his son in anger but knew it wouldn't help given what had happened. He couldn't possibly begin to understand it but here was his son, missing for a week who shows up late one night naked and warped into some sort of beast. But one thing he knew, he would still love and help his son however he could. He let Niels get cleaned up and found some clothes for him to wear given he'd shown up in nothing but the new strangely colored fur. The next day he told the rest of his family that this creature was Niels and that they would all have to pray very hard for him. They felt perhaps God would free Niels of this curse that had come upon him were he to repent and they all to pray for him. That said they couldn't well show the rest of the town so Niels kept to inside the home and the rest of the family appeared to grieve the loss of their missing son and brother in public.

Of course it wasn't long before the secret got out. There was only so much staying put inside Niels could take and people were nosy. Roughly a year after the incident Niels was seen peeking outside quickly for something or other and the town said a demon had taken residence in the family's home. Not wishing to abandon his son the father took the family and ever since they've been moving often trying to simply survive, praying for their son's return to normal. Niels himself became more believing since the events, feeling he truly witnessed hell and that god had saved him before it took him entirely. It's been almost three years since the curse and he's distanced himself from his family of late for their sake, hoping others would leave them alone. They stay in touch of course but he's been on his own for a while now, just wondering how to make it through life. With his father's help he was able to find someone who would rent him a home, however hesitantly. Monsters weren't exactly uncommon sights but to try and trust what looked like one seemed dangerous. Niels sticks to this little town and tiny home he has for himself just trying to get by. He wants to do something to help his family be truly happy but can't imagine what. He wants to have a family of his own but what woman would love him like this and he doubted they could ever have children if there was someone out there. There's a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty. To some extent he's considered giving up on all of it. But something drives him on. He can't give up. He was kept alive for a reason, he has to believe in it.

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