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Noel Kusanagi

Post by NoelKusanagi on Tue Jun 28, 2016 6:28 pm

Name: Noel Kusanagi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Preferred Alignment: Law

Numbers: None
Ace Monster: Stardust Charge Warrior
Deck Description: Junk Synchron Warriors. Utilizes both Junk and Synchron archtypes to rapidly synchro summon "Warrior" synchro monsters either from field or graveyard.

Character Skill: Accel Synchro

Personality: Despite how life is harsh in this world, Noel maintains a sense of optimism. She refuses to give up so easily, especially if its for the sake of her friends. She treasures bonds more than anything and is willing to use all her strength to protect the few things she has.

Biography: A year has passed since Noel lost her family in a tragic accident caused by bandits who wanted to survive. After losing all she cared for in this dying world, one would think she would lose all hope and give in to despair. However, Noel took it upon herself and vowed to never let anyone else experience the tragedy she experienced. She decided to become a beacon of hope for those desperate and innocent survivors so that they can be reminded that there is still good left in this world. Some sort of order can still be maintained and protected. As long as people can stick together, as long as they can all cast aside their hate, then the world's remaining time can be a better place to live out.

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