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Gotta get a grip

Post by Big Guy on Sat Jul 02, 2016 4:35 pm

“That’s bullshit, but i believe it.”

The Traveler
Snowy Country
Another Time, Another World

Viktor Mayer
Age: 28
Gender: m8
Preferred Alignment: Neutralfag
Numbers: Those are for losers.
Ace Monster: Arcana Force 0 - The Fool

Deck Description: Never Lucky - Deck is entirely consisted out of eldritch abominations known as “Arcana Force”, along with cards that supplement their main mechanic - chance, and eliminate a few weaknessess. There may be times where everything goes as planned (rarely) or completely wrong (almost always). Even when everything goes as expected, deck isn’t really suited for combat, keeping its simple function of Tarot cards.
It also sports few Spells and Traps from "Monarch" archetype because WE WUZ KINGS 'N SHIET for a fighting chance against users of Extra Deck.

Character Skill:
At the beginning of the Duel, activate “Light Barrier” directly from your Deck and it gains the following effect: “Once per turn, this card cannot be destroyed by card effects.” Whenever effect that requires coin toss is activated, you can once redo a coin toss for that card.

Personality: A firm believer in a concept of Fate, in which the future of everything is already foretold and no one can do anything about it. Because of this, Viktor is a bit cynical, which only adds to his sense of humour, with an ability to “see” a bit into the future to boot. Despite everything, he still wants to “see” where this already pre-determined path leads him, with a little bits of hope he won’t die a gory and painful death or while taking a dump.

Viktor was born on the wasteland, among the group of survivalists, who later called themselves "stalkers". Even amongst them he was a remarkable scavenger, noticing the things that would normally be left behind, though he lacked a bit in regard of imagination to actually use them. Despite this he just somehow knew that the stuff he finds is useful, even though he himself never knew why. Since the group was so close to eachother, they worked in a tandem: Viktor finds, rest of the group uses.

It was a normal day. As far as normal goes in the world composed in entirety of complete wasteland. Viktor was, as usual, on the hunt for whatever resources he could find, though most desirable were food and water. While he was walking, he found a small village. There was little to it, really, but it had food, which of course people didn’t want to share. Ready to leave, he was approached by old lady, with plead to find her daughter and given a deck of cards that would “help him in the nigh time”. She also gave him enough stuff that would last for at least 2 days of constant travel. Thankful, Viktor left.

Completely not giving the shit about the task he was given, he traveled onward, in his scavenging glory. After few hours of not finding completely anything, Viktor heard a cry of help and, for some reason, he felt the urge to check it out. Following the screams, he found some old building that looked like some kind of temple and inside, a girl trapped under some rubble. When she saw Viktor she screamed “Don’t go any further! It’s a mine field!”. And indeed, upon closer inspection there were torn bodies around the room. Viktor felt the need to use the deck that old lady gave him, for some reason. It was Tarot deck, but the images were disturbing to say the least, featuring tentacles, robots and fetuses. By instict he drew first three cards - upright Chariot, downright Fool and downright Magician. Not knowing what the fuck those meant, Viktor charged forward into the minefield like a complete idiot. And somehow, with a grace of a ballerina, he managed to dodge literally every mine that was possibly here. Or maybe the other people detonated them all. Not bothering with it, he rescued the girl with ease.

Her name was Rosa and apparently:

1) She’s the daughter the old lady was looking for.
2) This place used to be a bandit shack for resources.
3) Rosa doesn’t need them anymore considering it’s too dangerous to go further.

After getting to know all of this, she went her own way saying she’ll find way home by herself. This left Viktor with a building full of bandit treasures. Of course, he went further thinking only the entrance was trapped. It wasn’t. As he walked into the mine and realised it, he began to quickly run while screaming:


And then he was enlightened.

While unconscious from the blast, Viktor had visions of everything, ranging from the past, present and the future, with every little detail that happened, all at insane speed. It was comparable to feeling milions of super sharp needles constantly stabing every little nook and cranny of his brain. At the end of this constant clusterfuck of everything, he saw two figures telling him that “It isn’t time for him yet.” and that “He has to wake up.”. And oh boy he did.

Apparently a week has passed since sudden explosion of events and that he’s in headquarters of organisation called “Lost Hex”. Summary of what happened:

1) The explosion severely damaged his body and some parts were beyond recovery (left hand and leg) with his head damaged to the point where even cybernetics wouldn’t really help with it. In the process of repair he lost his sight and now has to wear a protective helmet, which both grants very good protection, looks cool and hides his disgusting face.

2) Scientists also gave him a blast suit underneath, which he saw as a low blow joke.

3) He can now “look” into near future, though the visions are vague at best. It also gives him insight when making decisions.

Of course as soon as he got patched he ran away, just to go back to his scavenger job. After 4 years of going around and looking for stuff, he was deeply convinced that what happened can’t just be an accident or straight up bullshit. Fate and all that jazz exists. And he can’t do nothing but follow it to the end. Fuck.

And remember kids:

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