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Your Mother Harlot

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:43 am

"Show them gods and deities,
Blind and keep the people on their knees.
Pierce the sky, escape your fate.
The more you try the more you'll just breed hate,

And lies.
Truth will rise,
Revealed by mirrored eyes."

Reminiscence of a Guilty Lover

Name: "Cinder"
Age: Appears 29, but that has to be a lie.
Gender: hottest grill
Alignment: Chaos - "The Victor"

Ace Monster: Infernoid Tierra
Deck Description: "Darkness of Eternity" - A compendium of mechanical hell demons that appeared with the "Qliphoth" named "Infernoid", who are servants of the scourge: the false god. A deck with hardly any monster that can be Normal Summoned, but instead, majority will only be Special Summoned via the banishment of others. The fire fiends sport large amounts of power while having the ability to greatly hinder all Graveyard related tactics, large amounts of removing the opponent's cards from the game even beyond that, and other means of powerful field removal. The "Purgatory" back row fuels the deck's engine, constantly returning removed cards, searching for one another, even protecting the machine devils. Everything builds to one final goal, even with a Synchro engine on the side with a single tuner. "Void Imagination", who enables the swarming of many beasts, can Fusion Summon the God "Tierra", who grows larger in power with each being of the Sephirot fused into her being.

Character Skill: “Purgatorio – Sephirot of the False Body God” - Puts Void Imagination on the board, and it cannot leave. There's something more...

Personality: "Free spirited" - in every wrong sense. Cinder is an immoral woman who believes humans should stop letting themselves be bound by outdated laws and rules, even defying commandments believing God left them behind anyway. Someone who takes as much pleasure in life as possible, even becoming some sort of vile slut just to experience bliss in the end of days. She urges man to do what they want, and aims to break off the shackles of commandments, cursing God and working in tandem with "Gehenna", the mysterious Hell-like domain spoke of by madmen and lost priests. ... Or "Messiah", the entity Cinder has come to loathe with great intensity, making it her job to annoy the savior in any way possible if they're both in the same vicinity.

Has many good words to say about the "Prime Hex", praising Helios' "Lost Hex" recreation of the earthly warriors wreathed in the flames of life and endurance. Wishes the leader wouldn't hold himself back from what he obviously wants, however. Usually taunting the other two figures and angels, especially the self-righteous divine. This is their fault in the first place, but they could do well to "live" a little on the mortal plane, considering it doesn't have long.

"All according to plan." Is an apparent catchphrase, being quite cunning and manipulative, constantly putting gears in motion that flow well with her grand ideal.

Biography: Connected to the "Hex Genocide" catastrophe, claiming to have been there. But it was five hundred years ago, wasn't it?
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