Serene Grey

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Serene Grey

Post by Cipher on Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:13 am

Name: Inanis Reliquiae
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Preferred Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Numbers: Number 46: Dragluon
Ace Monster: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Deck Description: Serene White - Focuses entirely on the purpose of having a Blue-Eyes somewhere at any given time, special summoning either it's base form, or it's more powerful incarnations to either prevent the opponent from attacking, or beating down the opponent.

Character Skill: Working.

Personality: Primarily friendly though is really only looking out for himself. Will take sides if it benefits him, though will typically not take unnecessary risks. Does believe that if he can do some good for someone, they will in turn do good by someone else (hopefully him).

Biography: When he was young, Inanis believed the world could change... That the people in the world could still do good. That belief was shaken by the shock of losing the band of survivors he was born into. The sense of loss, of the betrayal at the hands of one of the members within the group... It caused him to cast aside sentimental attachments. The only one that mattered now was him. Or so he thought, as coming across a struggling family with a small child... Whether it was because their plight reminded him of his when he was a child, or a matter of manipulation for his own personal gain down the line... he didn't know, choosing to share some of the scarce food and water that he had on him. Even if it was for selfish intentions, maybe the young man felt as if he could band people together again... or at least bring people together through necessity


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