Hyde Seishirou

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Hyde Seishirou

Post by ZanKisaragi on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:34 pm

Name: Hyde Seishiro
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Preferred Alignment: Neutral

Numbers: None.
Ace Monster: Cyber End Dragon
Deck Description: Combining the power of the Cyber Dragon monsters to form stronger machine fusions and xys.

Character Skill: (You do not have this at the beginning, and it needs to be approved by me before you try to use it.)

Personality: Hyde is a peace-loving male who always gives it his all. He comes off as quiet due to his shyness but he is very goofy at times, kind and sincere, loves to tell jokes and is very supportive of his friends. When faced with a challenge, he becomes the literal meaning of a ‘quiet storm’: going all out yet still maintaining his calm composure. Hyde also doesn’t hesitate when it comes to helping people out, doing everything he can and then some to show his dedication. However, Hyde also has a short temper on things that he dislikes, sometimes uncontrollable. In addition, Hyde also has a tendency of being self-reliant despite how supportive and helpful he is towards others, even pushing people away in the event that they become too involved if they have no reason to be. Though despite this, he's relaxed guy preferring to have fun over anything and is always looking out for the benefit and the well-being of others.

Biography: (Five complete sentences/one full paragraph minimum.) [Will provide later q.q]


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