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Your Voice of Reason

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:43 am

"And on the wings of a dream, so far beyond reality,
All alone in desperation, now the time has gone.
Lost inside you'll never find, lost within my own mind...
Day after day this misery must go on.

So far away we wait for the day,
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days,
Through the fire and the flames we carry on."

Golden Spirit
We Will Prevail
The Reluctant Heroes

Name: "Helios"
Age: 30
Gender: hot boi
Alignment: Neutral - "The Leader"

Numbers: 59, 61
Ace Monster: Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
Deck Description: "Light the Fire Up in the Night" - "Pendulum Summon", the last new variety of summoning that can call swarms upon swarms of monsters at once. Those who bear the title "Igknight" - Normal Monsters possess this ability. Fire Warriors of mostly vanilla monster effects arm themselves only with communication, calling their brothers with no end as reinforcements. "Stand united" is the priority over flash and ferocity, and they still have powerful boss monsters with skills that still aren't flashy. A reflection of humanity caught in the middle of divines and demonic clashing, simply having nothing but normal cards that can't do anything but call each other. However, there is the presence of the "Dracoslayers", and powerful bosses of Extra Deck summon techniques born from Luster's and Master's coming together with the Igknights, summoning a "Dinomist" and "Majespecter" as well.

Character Skill: "Through the Fire and Flames" - A skill that represents humanity's infinite tenacity. He can't lose once it's used?!

Personality: "Tenacious" does this man no justice, for he is hardheaded to the core and hotheaded to boot. A beacon of bright flames of passion within the dark days of the end of the world, "there's always a way out of this". Such optimism, even if blind, radiates like the sun of centuries old, giving all around him hope for some kind of tomorrow through the nightmare. He does not wish to meddle with the affairs of the divine and the demonic, believing man was left to its own devices to not be handheld or lured into devilry, leaving humanity with a sense of honor and dignity. They can be proud in the fact that the choices they made were their own, not made by others.

Despite this, he sees the good will and bad omens in the two figures of Light and Dark: Messiah and Cinder. While he wishes Cinder could have some restraint, he would like Messiah to be less rigid and judgmental, finding a friend in them both, and a powerful ally in them both as well. A gent who sees the good in everything without ignorance of the bad. However, still presses more for the good in every situation.

Carries the "Lost Hex" brigade on his shoulder like his family, being a group based on the legendary "Prime Hex" led by his ancestors. He will not fool himself: he knows the Earth is doomed. Yet, he wishes to leave it only after he has discovered the full story of the catastrophe that ailed the world.

Biography: His family has great connection to the "Hex Catastrophe", but to what end, and how is he involved with the legacy?
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